How not to have a bibliography


I am writing a document using Word 2010 and endnote X7.

I inserted references from my library into footnotes that I created through word. I changed the output style in a way that the inserted citation has all the information that would normally be in the bibliogrpahy - authors, title, year, journal etc. As I have all the info in the footnotes I don’t need a bibliogrpahy at the end of my documents anymore. Is there a way of switching the bibliogrpahy off? Or is there a better way of making footnotes, i.e. having the bibliogrpahy in footnotes split across several pages?


There is a tick box in the output style, footnote settings (see image) that you untick to prevent footnoted citations from appearing in a bibliography.  An example of this is the attached Chicago footnote style. 

Chicago 16th Footnote no-blibliography.ens (81.4 KB)

GREAT! That did the trick. I was looking in the bibliography  tab rather than footnotes. Thanks a lot!