Removing double space in references caused by unused fields


I’m trying to create a reference style to match a pre-existing house style (similar to APA). I have an issue where I have a field for ‘series and series number’ and ‘edition’ to appear in brackets if required. The output style I have created is successful in that the bracketed text is only appearing when those fields are present but when I have a reference that doesn’t have the bracketed text in I’m getting a double-space between fields even though I think from the way I’ve put the style template together that this shouldn’t happen (i.e. i should only get a single space between fields if the brackets are absent). I’ve looked at APA which similarly nests series info in brackets and note that there there is no double space when brackets are absent. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have tried putting ‘forced separation’ and ‘link adjacent’ in many different places but always get the same output issue.

so for e.g., when using this style:

I get a rogue double space between ‘century.’ and ‘Ottawa’:
Grenier, R., M. Bernier & W. Stevens (eds), 2007. The Underwater Archaeology of Red Bay. Basque shipbuilding and whaling in the 16th century. Ottawa: Parks Canada.

Any help on this much appreciated!


I moved the separators around a bit – I think this works?

I also put in some extra link adjacents to start with but I don’t think they made any difference – (so those in the DOI bits for example).

Ah ha. Yes. This addresses the double space issue. The key seems to be: ‘|. Place published’.
Unfortunately, this means I’ll have to deviate from the house style slightly as it places full-stops at the end of title and within the bracket if present, but not outside the bracket, between the bracket and the ‘Place published’. However, if I take that last full-stop out, it reverts to double space.
I think I’d rather go rogue on the placement of the full-stop than have a double-space. Don’t know what that says about me!

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