APA 6 output style adding extra spaces between citation sections


EndNote is adding extra spaces in several APA 6 output styles (Electronic Book, Thesis, Web Page).  The last entry for each citation is  “Retrieved from…”.  For electronic books and web pages three spaces are being entered while thesis citations have two spaces.

I’ve verified that the citation entries are correct without leading spaces, extra spaces, etc. The APA 6 output style entries for these items appears to be correct.  

I’m stumped here and am currently manually editing out the extra spaces which is fairly time-consuming.

The attached file shows the output of a web page citation and a thesis citation with the current spacing by EndNote.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.



There are some empty fields prior to the “Retrieved from” section of the template.  they need to have the regular spaces replaced with the “link adjacent” symbols in the output style, I think.  

For example the Web Page has fields for a series title, Edition and and Access Date which are not utilized in your example (which is fine) but they had conventional spaces which sometime appear even if the field is empty.  

I think I have fixed them in the attach APA style but I might not have gotten them all, as I don’t have good examples of the various possible included/excluded fields that could be present or might be absent in my database to test 

APA 6th link-adjacent.ens (64.5 KB)