reverse numbering

Hi,  I want export all the refences in an Endnote file as a numbered list.  I have created the output style I want and can export the references using command-K and then paste them into a text document.  I have 218 references in this file.  When I export the referecences, it creates a numbered list in the order that I select in the Endnote file (currently sorted be Year beginning with most recent - 2014).  What I want is the list to start with the most recent year but the last  number in the list of references (i.e my list should have the 2014 references at the top but begin with the number 218 and descend to number 1 at the bottom of the list published in 1981.

Anybody know how to do that?

You can get them numbered the way you want, but you want them the reverse order?  – then just ask Word to reverse the sort, based on paragraph?  Added in edit, – After ctrl-K your text into the document, In word 2010 – the AZ tool, – Sort by Field 1, number, decending,