reorder fields for entering/editing reference

Can someone suggest a way whereby, without deleting fields from a reference type, I could rearrange the available fields so that the ones I most normally use are near the top?  The only information I have found on moving fields has been for moving the information entered into a field, whereas I simply want to rearrange the order in which the fields appear on my screen.  Thank you

This is not possible. sorry. For a fuller discussion see here.

Thanks for the speedy, albeit disappointing, answer.  I had thought that having two versions of author – one for citations, one for the bibliography – might be a labor saving solution to my problem with acronyms (posted a few days ago), but it wouldn’t be easy to implement if the two fields are far apart and can’t appear on the screen at the same time.

Bumping this up for a current-version answer to a seemingly popular problem at >800 views.

Maximizing use of Custom Fields is tedious when they sort at the bottom of the listing.

Fyi, in my case, I’m using a Custom Field to enter multiple abbreviations for all categories pertaining to each reference. I then have smart folders that pick up the references by the Custom Field/Catagory. The end result will be the output of each catagory to update it’s matching listing on our lab website. In this way, I can add new references easily which has been a proglem maintaining our publications in a current manner.