Repeated References short? How to...


switch from X2 to 7 I wondered if it’s now possible that Endnote changes an repeated in text citation automatically to a short form. e.g. (Anybody 2013: 55) to (Ibid.: 57). I was glad to see that there is such a function but this seems to refer only to footnotes. Could someone help me. My thesis is long enough and this option could shorten it a bit and would increase the joy of reading…:smiley:    

Best H. 

I have never seen this as an accepted format for in text citations… and  I don’t think it is possible to achieve in Endnote.  You can manually achieve it by hiding the author and year and adding Ibid as the prefix, and the page number.  

In economics and politics, it’s actually very common to not write like this:

Blablabla (Someone 2013: 19) bla as well bla (Someone 2013: 46) blabla.

But to write:

Blablabla (Someone 2013: 19) blablabla (ibid.:46).

Are you sure this is not possible in Endnote? I need this as well :slight_smile:

Absolutely.  I believe this to be the case in other social science disciplines too, including Science and Technology Studies (my current disciplinary home) and Geography (my disciplinary home as a student).  I was taught to use this format - i.e. Blablabla (Someone 2013: 19) blablabla (ibid.:46) - as an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge - one of the most highly rated Universities in the world - in 2003.  Surely Endnote should have caught on by now…

Basically, I’m really surprised and disappointed to find out that Endnote doesn’t have this functionality and hope that someone will pick up on this thread and sort it out.

So, any hints on how to make this happen? Why is this setting only available for Footnotes (in the edit output style panel)?