replace using metacharacters in X8?

I want to change the names in the Author field so that appreviated names, e.g., “E.G.”, are reformatted with a space between the period and next capital letter: “E. G.”. How can I do that in X8? Does EN recognize the standard ? and * metacharacters?

Greetings ravettb,

You could possibly use the Find/Replace command on EndNote’s Edit drop-down menu to search for <period>, and replace with <period><space>.  I would suggest clicking File>Save a Copy to create a backup of your EndNote library beforehand, as there is no undo command for a global edit within EndNote. 

If your ultimate goal is to influence the appearance of author names inside your formatted bibliography within a Microsoft Word document, there’s an EndNote output style setting that you can tweak to change the spacing around author initials.  To do so:

1.  Launch EndNote X8.

2.  Click Edit>Output Styles>Open Style Manager.

3.  Find the style that you’re applying to your Word document, then double-click on the name of the output style.

4.  When the Edit Style window appears, you can click the “Author Name” tab within the Citations, Bibliography, and/or Footnotes section to find the “Initials” setting that would infuence the format of author initials.

Please let me know if this helps.