3 Em Dash Instead of Author's Name in Endnote X3 Footnotes

Hello All:

I am working on my dissertation and am using the Chicago 15th A formatting style within Endnote x3 for footnote and bibliographic referencing (I’m running Windows 7).  The problem I am having is that for footnote references including subsequent works by a single author, endnote substitutes a 3 em dash where the author’s name should be in the reference.  I have tried editing the Chicago 15th A style by selecting the Print the Author List As Defined Above option. under the Footnotes heading, but the changes do not seem to be taking effect.  What I would like is for references including additional works by the same author in my footnotes to include the author’s last name.  I’m rather desperate.  Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

The solution could be as simple as selecting your custom output style in WORD.  When you edit an original Endnote output style, you are required to save it with a new name. Make sure you have selected your custom output style in WORD. WORD does not automatically sync with the output style selected in Endnote.