Reporting Groups Containing a Selected Record

I have a very large library (>36,000 records) with hundreds of groups. It is very helpful to know which groups contain a selected record. This can be accomplished via the Reference>Record Summary menu choice. So, why doesn’t the EndNote 20 “Summary” panel automatically include this critical information?


The “Custom and Smart Groups” containing a selected reference should be reported in the “Summary panel”.

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In addtion i’d like to be able to create a list of groups containing multiple records.  I use Endnote to count which publications have been funded by particualr research grants by having a smart group search for the grant codes.  It would be very useful to select a group of publications (say a whole year) and see a listing of all the groups containing those references.   Even better if that list could be copied/pasted so i have a list of all grants supporting a set of references.  With that list i can separately search the total grant value supporting the set of references.  Very useful for showing the research funding impact/coverage of a research facility.