Is there any way to remove brackets from only some of my citations?

I have a list of in-text citations of the form (name, year).  I want to remove the brackets from them all, about 90 in total.  I can’t just type them out because I want the in my reference list.  I don’t want to remove brackets from ALL the citations in my document, just this particular list.

I know that I can re-type each one in plain text then choose the “Remove author and year” within “Edit and Manage Citations”.  But each one will take 2 mins +.  My EndNote is very slow.  

Is there any way I can select a whole lot of citations and have them display as plain text without impacting the other citations in the document?  Or can I select a whole lot of citations and change the way they are displayed without impacting the unselected ones (ie. a bulk “Remove author and year”.)

I have seen an older post on this and the answer 3 years ago was “no” - hoping there might be a resolution by now or i’ll be spending the next few days dealing with these one by one.  

After typing a very complicated solution I just realized it is pretty easy.  You just need to remove the parentheses from the citation template and insert them manually on those you want to have parentheses.  Edit the output style as shown in the image, and save as to a new name, and change to this new output style in the Word endnote ribbon.  The first time you will need to “Select another style” so it will show up in your output style list.  

the temporary citation (“convert to unformatted citations” on the ribbon)  in the text would need to be edited to look like this:  ({Author, Year #RecNo}) and those without parentheses {Author, Year #RecNo}.  

Depending on which one of these were more numerous, you can convert to temporary citations, and either search and replace them all from { to ({ and } to }) and then remove the 90 you want with out parentheses – or if the parenthetical citations are less numerous, go thru and add the parentheses where you need them.   

If you don’t like working with CWYW off, you can also add parentheses where you want them around formated citations, in a formated paper with a no-parentheses output style.  

My much more complicated solution is below - and is certainly elegant, but much more complicated!  

If so, the easiest way to achieve this is to turn off Cite while you write (on the ribbon) and convert your citations to temporary citations, and convert the brackets for the smaller number of citations (are there more than 90 of those that you want to retain parentheses?)  to something like square brackets.  

Then at the end of the day, ON A COPY- you use the temp delimiters and run endnote with an output style on the set that you want no brackets (edit the output style citation template to remove parentheses) and select all and unlink the endnote citations (this is the a “convert to plain text” on the word endnote ribbon), then swap the to the other bracket delimiter and format bibliography with the parenthetical set.   You will format those – and again unlink the endnote citations. Now you need to combine the two bibliographies and sort the paragraphs alphabetically.  


Use endnote X7, right click bracketed in text citation and choose show only in referances. Then just type the Authors name in. 

Thank you so much for this oh so easy answer…works like a charm.

I use Microsoft Word.

Right-Click on the reference in the document. 

Choose. Edit citation, more, formatting

From the dropdown box, choose Display as: Author (year)

So helpful! Thanks so much!