Request for plugin: create a library from s list of references in a PDF paper


I’m not a computer guru, so my capabilities are limited. That’s why I’m wondering if anyone has come accross this problem and attempted solving it with the API.

The goal is to make an EndNote library containing the references from a given publication in PDF format. I know there is a solution to this through maual manipulations through the hubmed website. It takes precious time though. So any ideas/attempt to do this using an APi plugin?


In my opinion, the author related information in pdf sometimes is not enough as mostly pdf contains abbreviations

So the best idea maybe is contact to internet, search for full information using information in pdf.

APIs are beyond me but I’ve been working on some scripts which can do this crudely from an RTF file.  There needs to be a script for each style and each one essentially runs dozens of find/replace to put the citations into RIS format.  At the moment it’s taking me some hours to create each script (though then using it is a matter of minutes) but I hope to get faster…

(The main stumbling point for me at the moment is formatting eg italics in species names, superscripts, etc.  I want to encode the formatting in the RIS file so it’ll be imported directly into Endnote.  Is this possible?  Currently I’m encoding it with html tags and then asking the end-user to use the Convert HTML Tags sample plug-in, but I’d rather be able to avoid this extra step. Grateful for any ideas.)

Anyway, if there’s a particular style you’re working with then let me know; no promises, but I can try taking a look.