Resizing EndNote on a Mac

I’m hoping that one of the regular Mac users out there on the forum might be able to help me with this problem. I use a windows PC  which does have this problem and am relatively unfamiliar enough with Macs, but am learning.

A library user has raised this query with me and I don’t know whether this issue is due to the EndNote software or her Mac operating system (snow leopard). She would like to be able to resize the EndNote application pane to cover no more than half the screen on her Mac book, but finds that this is impossible, the smallest she can achieve is about two-thirds of the screen. Is there anything in either EndNote or the operating system that controls the minimum application pane size?

Any help and advice gratefully received.


No. The minimum size is by design and per Apple’s recommended best practices. If you look at other apps with complex, multi-pane window designs (iPhoto, Mac Mail, iTunes, etc.) - they all have similar restrictions when dragging the main window.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I just upgraded to X5 and am frustrated by this change. I would love, in fact, to have the old style window back, which was small and clean and with the small preview tab at the bottom. I understand that from Rueters point of view the library window is the “main” window, but  from the user point of view EN is often a background program. I usually have EN open with: a browser, a writing document, a notes/notebook program, and one or more PDFs, in addition to iTunes (which despite Apple’s or anyone’s claims to “Best practices” does give me the option of a mini-player, which I use so I can use precious screen real estate for other things…). My main window when I use EN is the word processing document, followed by the PDF reader and the notes program. When I’m working this way (that is, when I’m writing and not searching) I want EN to be small and out of the way, but still there so that I can look up record numbers (I type in temporary citations, as that is much more efficient for me than using EN’s somewhat unwieldy CWYW option).  The window I’m stuck with, however, is easily twice as wide as it  needs it to be when I am writing.  I would dearly love to have the option of salvaging some of my screen space!