Retraction Watch preventing references from being inserted into Word

Several of our students are having a problem inserting references into Word using End|Note Online. When they click on Insert Citation and search for any of their references it comes up with the message “this publication is indexed by Retraction Watch” and doesn’t allow them to insert the reference. So far it only seems to happen with MacBooks. Anyone else come across this problem?

I’m assuming that they’ve checked to find out why a particular reference was flagged by Retraction Watch? Or is this something happening no matter what citation they are trying to insert?

LF Vélez, Ph.D.
Scientific and Technical Writing

This happens whatever the reference is. I’ve tried inserting the same references using my own account and have not had any problem or had this flagged by Retraction Watch,

Sally Reeve
University of Brighton

The feature is new to me. I see this in the Clarivate Knowledgebase… – I can’t see if there is an option to turn it off?

Have you reached out to the endnote support team Endnote


this is happening to me as well, also on a Mac. Have updated to the latest version of Endnote available, but the issue is still occurring. Same references working on the Windows install for the same user.