Reversing "add to library" behavior for online searches

Endnote X2, unlike previous versions, adds all the retrieved results of an online search to your library. For me, this is counterintuitive and unhelpful. When I search for a book or article for which I have incomplete information, I retrieve many more records than needed. I would like to be able to select one or two and add them to my library, instead of deleting 25 out of 27 records retrieved. Is there any way to reverse EndNote X2’s current behavior in this regard?

Jonathan Cohen

Does anyone have a solution to this? I have tried searching the forums and have subscribed to this thread eagerly awaiting a solution.

If this is not resolvable, I will downgrade to X1. I simply cannot stand this feature where searches automatically download citations to your library.


apply latest patch 12.0.1

there is a solution