X2: customize online search libraries on left site


after installing X2, there are 4 online libraries by default I can search in. How can I add new libraries so that I do not have to choose more every time I start Endnote again, because new libraries are deleted after I close Endnote.


I am not clear on your question.  Until you patch X2, searching libraries, automatically incorporates the matches directly into your library.  What do you mean, the new libraries are deleted after you close endnote.  You mean that the matches from the online database are not retained?  There is no reason they should be, as they are in your library already. In the patch, you will have an option to keep them separate and only add those you want to retain, to the library.  --and they can be added to a group before closing. 

Message Edited by Leanne on 10-28-2008 10:59 AM

If you are using the Macintosh version of EndNote X2 there is a bug related to the display of the items listed under “Online Search” in the left display column in your library window. This is fixed in the X2.01 patch. The patch will be available for download very soon.

If you are using the Windows version of EndNote X2 and seeing an issue with these items, there are no known bugs but there could potentially be a corrupted Registry key. Please contact Technical Support on this. 

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team 

Thank you. I’m using the Mac version. So I’m looking forward to X2.01