Reverting to original reference type table

Dear All,

I attended a training class given by a colleague on the OSCOLA style and as a result now all my references display within EndNote using that reference type.  So, if I double click a reference in a library, the fields that show are the OSCOLA ones.

This seems to make no difference to output into Word but I’d like to revert to the standard reference type table.

How can I?

Foolishly I did not export the original table before importing OSCOLA.

Thanks for everyone’s help!


Keith Nockels

University of Leicester Library - UK

Can you give a screen shot?

 Any local colleagues with Endnote should be able to export the endnote reference type table (Edit>preferences>Reference Types dialog box).  and you should be able to import that one (same menu)?  Are you sure you just haven’t inadvertently left the preferences default as OSCOLA rather than Journal Article?   (That is in the same Edit>preferences>Reference Types dialog box).  


Actually, this should be quite straightforward.

If you go into the Preferences, and highlight “Reference Types”, in the lower left-hand corner should be an EndNote Defaults button.  This button resets the currently select section of Preferences.  So, clicking it isn’t going to do anything except to restore the Reference Types to their default installation settings.

Other groups of preferences will be unaffected by this.

That should allow you to get back those original Reference Types.

I do hope this helps.



Hi Leanne,

Thanks for that.  Steve’s suggestion (next in thread) has solved it - but it is useful to have this solution.

Best wishes,


Thanks, Steve - that has solved it!