revised references become travelling references??

hi there

I have an issue with endnote in that when I update the details of a reference in endnote it doesent update in my word docs and becomes a travelling reference. In detail the steps I am undertaking are:

  • I update the details of a reference in my endnote library (Eg add page numbers) and sync the library
  • I go to word doc and update the citations and library. I also sync the library
  • however in the word doc this reference cited it hasnt updated (Eg with the page numbers) and it has instead become a travelling reference.
  • I then need to update it manually from my library.

this is not a workable solution as Im writing a book with 100s of citations

any help would be greatly appreciated



I haven’t experienced this unless I either change the first author name or the year, but I tend to always use the same desktop library and, while I sync as a backup, I don’t use a different desktop library in another location or the online library.  

My process:

create a dummy reference in the EndNote library


insert the reference into a Word doc.

Change the EndNote tab to EndNote online

Go back to the library and add details (page numbers) and sync

Logged into EndNote online and confirmed that the page numbers were visible.

Back to Word, update citations - no page numbers.

Click on “edit citations” - no page numbers.

I’ve tried clicking the “update citations” button many times and nothing changes, no matter how long I wait.

The strange bit:

Convert citations to unformatted. Then “update citations” again. The page numbers should now appear.

Test this on a non important doc or a backup.

There are others with a lot more experience with EndNote, but whenever I update the citations from EndNote onlne, the refs always appear as a travelling library. Changing the EndNote tab in Word to “EndNote” and then updating the citations should then show the appropriate library.

Hope this helps.

Yes, unformatting to temporary citations and reformatting will always force endnote to retrieve the record from the linked library.  But it sounds like a bug if it won’t check the library first, before defaulting to the traveling version.