Travelling library - Updating citations


After downloading my .bib library from Overleaf I started working on Word using EndNote20. When I updated the bibliography I noticed that all the references were just the initials of the authors (example in bold) and I found out that my .bib library was in a format (without commas) not compatible with EndNote.

“Jackson HWaDVaWPaKR. TIMPs: versatile extracellular regulators in cancer. Nature Reviews Cancer. 2017;17(1):38–53.”

Then I deleted this library and downloaded all the references from Google Scholar in the format compatible with EndNote. I added them into my library and updated the bibliography of the Word document. The bibliography does not update with the new library and still consider the “travelling library” with the .bib citations as the one to take into account.
If I go into “Manage references” I can click on “Update from my library” and pick the correct citations, however, I would need to do it manually for all the citations, which are quite a lot.

Is there any way to permanently remove the travelling library? I tried to export it but it crashed my word document.

Please do let me know if there is a way to solve this, otherwise the process of editing everything becomes too long.

Thank you!

P.S. I am using a MacBook.


I find the easiest way is to unformat to temporary citations and then to update – although it may make you approve each best match. – the authors must have been imported all on one line rather than one author per line in the original .bib import. Sometimes you can “update” the records and get it fixed…