RM12 and WordPerfect

The good news is that it looks as from footnote 4 at:


that WPsupport is being looked at. 

Given that WP is enrolling beta testers for X5, is is too musch to hope that the RM developers will talk to Corel about  support for the RM12/X5 combo…

I don’t think that this is going to come to anything; a view formed after extensive email contact with Thomson Reuters, Reference Manager and even Corel.

The problem lies in two places.

  1. Lack of urgency on the part of the Reference Manger developers to discover exactly where the relevant WPX4/X5 files are which do the trick and to write another version of Rm11wp12.dll in the CWYR folder in Reference Manager.

  2. Lack of communication from Corel about where every relevant file is that does the business and allows software inter-connectivity.

I may be wrong but I think that neither company think it worthwhile to put any time into this.

Best wishes

Yours pessimistically


Um, it’s what I feared. It’s not really convincing, because I presume that all the hard work was done for RM11/WPX3.

I’m pretty sure the basic WP libraries won’t change much between versions - one of the reasons I like it is that the basic file structure etc doesn’t change between versions.


I think that you’re probably right about the WP libraries. It is a shame because WP is such a nice wordprocessor, in fact I showed it to some students in a tutorial and they were absolutely blown away by the ability to control formatting and the “Make It Fit” key really appealed.

Let us hope that someone from Thomson-Reuters speaks to someone from Corel and the requisite information is exchanged and the little CWYW programme is updated. Am I being too hopeful…? Only time will tell.


Maybe now that WPX5 has been announced we’ll see something…