RM12 and Wordperfect

As a long-time user of both RefMan and WP, I’m delighted that RM!2 supports WP (at least according to the users guide - the info and publicity don’t mention it).

However the support is up to WPX3 (=WP13), and the current version is X4 (=14).

I’m currently using RM 11.0.1 and WPX4. I’ve tried putting in the registry entries to point to  the WP13 dll, and it integrates up to a point - the menu entries appear and it inserts citations correctl, but it won’t generate a bibliography…

Is there any hope of what should be arelatively minor patch to allow RM12 to work correctly?


Any news / thoughts on this? It’s stopping me upgrading…

To my knowledge, RM12 does not work with any Corel WordPerfect (12-14).

They -at ISI Res- somehow lost compatibility this summer just before releasing the final version. No idea whether they plan to fix it or not …

Francesco Dell’Orso

The RefMan team is aware of the problems with RM 12 and WordPerfect. We’re investigating what it would take to restore compatibility, and we’ll update here when we know more.

Jen, thanks for looking at this. As I posted, just renaming the DLL fixes some of the issues…



It’s encouraging to learn that Thomson Reuters is aware of the compatiblity problems with RM12 and WordPerfect X4, as I have been having the same problem getting them to work with one another.

As it is, I am must now use WordPerfect and Reference Manager 9.0 to get the benefits of software integration.

Would be a great Holiday present from Thomson Reuters!