Reference Manager 12.0.3 Update Now Available

An update is now available to Reference Manager 12 users which includes improvements that allow you to work more efficiently.


  • -Insert Reference IDs for in-text citations quickly and format the bibliography at a later time.

  • -Use Reference Manager 12 with Track Changes in Word—improved compatibility with Comments.

  • -Save time with Reference Manager 12 keyboard shortcuts that now work in both Word and Reference Manager.

  • -Cite While You Write™ in Microsoft® Word on 64-bit computers—eliminate the slowness when switching between applications.

  • -Format documents in Word 2007 without interruption—the refocus on the bibliography is corrected.

  • -Set Cite While You Write™ “Preferences” to close Reference Manager when closing Word.

  • -Adds compatibility for Word 2010 64-bit.

The patch will update an existing installation of Reference Manager 12 to 12.0.3. To get the patch, click on the Help Menu and choose “Updates.” Or, if you’d prefer, you can download the update separately from our website.


Does it work with WordPerfect???


To echo the above comment: “Does WordPerfect X4 now work with Reference Manager 12.0.1?”

As it is, I am must now use WordPerfect and Reference Manager 9.0 to get the benefits of software integration.

Ok, since there’s no reply, I’ll assume the anser is no.

Does anyone know of another citation manager which WILL work with WPX4, and preferably will read a RM database.


I tried many time to install this update with no success (Yes, I turned the antivirus off and restarted my pc) but it continues to ask me for a “refman12net.msi” file location that I can’t find, I have to cancel the installation then Refman doesn’t work anymore until I reconfigure it. Very annoying