SCOPUS search within Endnote


I own Endnote X6, and I really miss the online search for SCOPUS database within the program.

I have searched forums a bit, and have found some discussions dating back to 2008.

Back then, someone of the staff replied that the demand is to low from the users.

I highly disagree with this and believe it should be in one of the near future updates.

7 years have passed and it would be nice if you could finally implement SCOPUS in the search engine within the program.

I understand that there are some technical difficulties, but they can probably be solved if there is good will to do so.

Thank you for reading this.

Other then this, Endnote is great.

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in the past it was because SCOPUS uses an XML gateway, and does not support the z39.50 standard which is required for manual creation of Connection files.  I don’t see anything on the SCOPUS website that indicates a change (z39.50 fails to find any hits on the site.)  Hence the necessity of doing the searches in SCOPUS and exporting the citations to Endnote.  I did find this on SCOPUS’s site when I searched for Endnote, but it is still an export solution.  

There is another post there about changes to their RIS tagging system which might affect exports here.  

(PS - I  have no affilitation with Endnote or SCOPUS apart from using them as a customer!)

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Thank you very much for your reply, it has been most helpful. 

This does make things a little bit easier, and sort of a “temporary fix” as I see it… as I would still like to see the full implementation in the Endnote program in the near future :slight_smile:

And hopefully an official reply here in this thread.