endnote X5 searching online


It seems that no matter what search term I enter, that the online search of any online database returns zero results. Any suggestions, or ideas?



Hard to say as your description is a bit thin - could you provide more details?  For example, are you accessing the online databases through an EndNote connection file?  If so, what’s the name and is it one which you are authorized to access? Are you searching via EndNote’s Online Search window which lists assorted fields to search on (e.g., Author, Year, Title)? 

Does it fail to find the matches (number is zero) or fail to retreive any matches (says there are x matches, but none are retrieved?)

Are you using the integrated mode or the Online mode?

Have you set your preferences to "discard duplicates – check-box in the duplicate preferences settings. 

Have you either entered a valid endnote web account or said “don’t set up at this time”?  - or is that screen learking behind you endnote screens?