Search and Replace feature

It would be very useful to add a “search and replace” feature–like the one found in MS Word (find and replace). This would complement the “change text” edit option currently in Endnote.

I’ve scoured the forum for an answer to this, so forgive me if I missed a prior discussion.

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Just to clarify, you envision allowing a one by one option of skipping or replace (as opposed to the “replace all” of the current “change text” facility)?  Sounds like a good idea to me!

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Actually I should elaborate my request:

Some reference text need to be changed to italics, like scientific names. This becomes a daunting task if you have a huge library, so it would be great to search particular text within titles and replace them with formatted text.

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Even better.

Yea, that would be great too! Basically beef up that search/replace feature to even discern upper case/lower case/italicized/ etc. versions of the same word. What about special characters, like vis-à-vis, etc? It should be able to search/replace (didn’t work when I tried it).