Search and replace

I’m constantly trying to get Endnote x4 to do things that little old Procite does so easily - and finding them impossible!

This time, all I want to do is search all the occurences of a particular character in my entire database, and delete it. (The character is the =, which is littered everywhere because in Procite, where this database started, you use that character to indicate that capitalization should not be modified - which useful when your database mixes citations in several languages, as mine does.) In other words, I just want to delete every equals sign (=) in my database. That’s all.

How do I do this (seemingly) simple operation?


In Endnote it is called “Change Text” under the edit menu.  There you can search for =  in “any field” or in a specific field and replace with nothing. 

or you can first do a search for = – look over what you have found and then do the change text on the subset or after removing one or more that should retain the =

There isn’t a way to do it one by one, as you could in a search and replace in a document. 

Thanks. Not quite sure why I couldn’t figure that out - its so simple. Sorry!