Search enhancement

Endnote developers,

Based on the instruction, the search in the Endnote is operated as follows.

You can use the Boolean operators (“And,” “Or,” and “Not”) in sequence with as many as nine search lines to build your search strategy.

Items in combination searches are executed from the top to the bottom of the Search tab. For example, if you have entered four search lines on the Search tab, EndNote carries out the search by combining the results of the first two items with the third search line. Those results are combined with the fourth search line to produce the final search results. 

However, if I want to do the search like (A Or B) And (C Or D) criteria, “the top to the bottom” approach is not good. Currently, I have to do the search A Or B first, and then use “search showing reference” to do the secondary search by C Or D.

I suggest to have ability to prioritize certain search terms in the sequence, like ( ) in mathematical formula that is done prior to the others. I want this capacity especially to setup Smart group, because Smart group search doesn’t allow two-step search approach.

Thank you for consideration.

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