Search failure: multi-word terms on PubMed

Dear EndNote community,

I am unable to search PubMed for the term adaptation index when using EndNote X2, but have no problem searching from their website (I have noticed this problem in earlier versions of EndNote also). I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to perform this search from within EndNote.

Here are the results I get for assorted search configurations.

Using endnote search:

  • Title contains adaptation index: this returns many titles, each of which contains both of the words adaptation and index, but no requirement for them to be adjacent to each other or in any order.
  • Title contains “adaptation index”: no hits

Usingtheir website:

  •  adaptation index: Many hits, including both of the words adaptation and index anywhere, and not necessarily together. This returns the same number of hits (5271) as when I use EndNote X2 searching “Any field contains adaptation index”.
  • “adaptation index”: Fewer hits (113); apparently requiring that the term “adaptation index” be present in the abstract or title.
  • “adaptation index”[Title]: Seven hits, each of which has the term “adaptation index” in the title.

Can anyone tell me how to get EndNote to generate a result set like either of those last two searches?