Have to enter search terms twice

Sometimes I search to see if I have a paper in my library. If I don’t have it, I will then use endnote to search pubmed to download the reference.

So, after clicking on All References for the first search and entering the search terms (e.g. Author + Author +Year) gves me no references found, I then click on PubMed(NLM) under Online Search, expecting to simply hit the search button. What happens then is that the search terms I just entered disappear, to be replaced with my previous online search term. I then have to type the same search terms I just entered!

Why is this? Can this be changed or worked around?


This was a purposeful change in EndNote X2 - requested by users. This is supposed to add more “context” to the search term tied to the search target. It has not been particularly well received by the overall customer base and we are hoping to change this behavior back in version X3. It sounds like you are in favor of the change back.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I would vote to change it back, via a patch to X2, if possible. X3 is a long time to wait to fix an unpopular feature-bug.