Search pdf hotkey


I just moved from Mendelay to Endnote as my citation manager solely because of the “Find reference update” feature. Overall I really like Endnote, but there are a few things I miss from Mendelay.

One thing I immediately notice is that when I’m looking at a journal reference in pdf format, I cannot hit ctrl-F to search the document. I have to click on the small magnifying glass icon for the search bar to come up. At this point I would expect the cursor to be in the search entry, but I have to click again in the search entry to enter my search. As I search pdfs all the time in endnote, this quickly becomes very annoying. I think a keyboard shortcut to search when in the pdf view would be a very helpful and simple to implement.

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I should add that I am using endnote x7 on Mac OSX 10.11