Searching for multiple authors in EndNote X2 and Pages

Hello - 

I just bought Pages 09 and was pleased to find the EndNote integration, but can’t seem to find a way to search for multiple authors (or other criteria) in the EndNote search box within Pages. Is there a way to do this, and then select and insert citations from multiple authors?


Hello Lifton,

Can help you - partially. I need some help with a related issue though.

In the ‘Insert Citation’ box in Pages 09,  simply hold down your Command(Apple) key whilst selecting multiple items from a given search. Clicking ‘Insert’ will then insert multiple authors into your single citation. The trick of course is getting the authors you WANT into the search.

The problem, as you identify is being able to call up multiple criteria in a single search, and then also editing new or existing citations to include these multiple authors.

Question: Is there a way to edit and append an existing citation in Pages '09? The need to add or delete an author from a multiple author citation is critical, but not at all presenting itself to me?