Searching by LCCN for all libraries

In Procite I can search any library by LCCN. In Endnote X6, I can do so only for certain libraries.  Example:

n Procite I can search the Brigham Young University library by LCCN; in Endnote the only options available in the drop-down menu are Author, Year, Title, Keyword, Series Title, ISBN and ISSN. I am looking for an LCCN search, but the same applies to any other field such as are available for Princeton. There is not even an Any Field available for BYU.

This cannot be a function of the library, since in Procite I can search on many (all? – I have not examined this issue in complete detail) of the fields not available in Endnote, although this particular request stems from my need to search LCCNs in BYU library.