Searching Output style with "ibid." and "op. cit."

I am looking for any output style with “ibid.” and “op. cit.”. Specifically, I need to cite references in footnote according to Chicago or any other reference style where “ibid”. and “op. cit.” will be generated automatically in in endnote 20. Any help please?

ibid options are available in endnote’s Chicago 17th footnote style. I don’t think EndNote has the ability to “op. cit.” and as far as I can tell from a google search, this has been falling out of use.

Thank you for the reply. As you said, EndNote no longer offers the choise for “op. cit.”. I know, this type of citation has been falling out of use, but it is still required by my educationonal institution. Thats why I am looking for it.