Section breaks and landscape layout for some pages

We are working in MS Word 365 with documents with multiple chapters, many diagrams, tables, charts, and pictures. We use a lot of section breaks and page breaks and have discovered EndNote does not work well with some of the configurations that we desire. We would like to be able to tell EndNote where to put the references, such as after section breaks for diagrams that are in landscape mode and set apart from the rest of the chapter with section breaks, but the citations are before and after these section breaks. Thank you for your attention to this.

Yep, this is a problem.  The only way we have solved it, is to keep each chapter separate format and then strip endnote fields, and paste them together at the end.  I- Word isn’t great either at handling these and pring margins and such. 

 have heard that some people successfully use  Master Documents?  I have always been afraid to try these though. 

Creating a Master Document Using Existing Subdocuments