Word sections and bibliography issues

My document has portrait and landscape pages peppered throughout. In order to do this I need to generate section-breaks. I also would like to have bibliographies for each section as well as a final one at the end of my document.

Every time I use a section break to create a landscape page I end up with a bibliography.

Is there a way to change CWYW behaviour so that it creates section bibliographies after something other than Word Sections? Alternatively, maybe someone knows how to make some pages in landscape within word without creating a new section ?

word doc converted to plain text added explaining each page is provided in hopes of adding clarity.


section bib problem.txt (3.16 KB)

Here is a workaround I found that will work for very small documents that are no very complicated and where header/footer and page numbering is not important. I leave it to someone else to figure out those issues:

Create a regular page break (not section break) insert a text box and expand to the size of your margins (viewing gridlines helps here). Align text to 90 degrees and apply formatting as in the other parts of the document. Since you haven’t created a new section yet, you don’t get a bibliography appearing where you don’t want it.

Note: WORD still sees this as a portrait sized page, hence the header/footer page numbering issue which flows on to line numbering etc

Note: endnote CWYW still works as does word built-in captions, and cross-referencing as-in you can insert a 90-degree reference into the text box as if it was a normal page.

Note: an image (i.e. graph) can be pasted outside the text box, but if you wrap the image as “through” (see more layout options) and make the text box no-fill it should hold it’s place and move along with the text box.

Note: Endnote references made within a text box show up where they should->at the section break bibliography (and at the end of the doc if that’s what you selected for the style). Also, captions also appear correctly in the TOF with correct numbering

This is not a solution so much as a mangled document that might serve your purpose.