"Server execution failed" - Established solutions do not work

I have just shifted from an old to a new laptop. On this new laptop, I have been unable to use Endnote. Every time I attempt to insert a citation into a document, Word freezes for a few seconds, followed by a “server execution failed” error message. I have read through these and other forums and attempted various solutions. All of these have failed: 1. Running Endnote as administrator still results in “server execution failed”. 2. Running both Word and Endnote as administrator results in a “this operation requires elevation” error message. 3. Turning off user account control does not change the above. 4. Re-installing the cite-while-you-write plugin does not change the above. 5. Tinkering with the settings for add-ins and security within word does not help either. I use a Windows 10 laptop with Word 2016 and Endnote X9. Strangely, my old laptop uses the same setup of operating system and software, with no problems with CWYW at all. I would much appreciate suggestions on how to fix this frustrating problem.

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



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This is exactly what is happening to me. I have been with tech support on the phone twice for over an hour each time. Nothing. They keep changing things like running as admin or troubleshooting for compatibility. Both times it briefly worked only to go back to the same issue after closing the program and reopening it.