"Server execution failed" - established solutions do not work

I have just shifted from an old to a new laptop. On this new laptop, I have been unable to use Endnote. Every time I attempt to insert a citation into a document, Word freezes for a few seconds, followed by a “server execution failed” error message. I have read through these and other forums and attempted various solutions. All of these have failed:

  1. Running Endnote as administrator still results in “server execution failed”.

  2. Running both Word and Endnote as administrator results in a “this operation requires elevation” error message.

  3. Turning off user account control does not change the above.

  4. Re-installing the cite-while-you-write plugin does not change the above.

  5. Tinkering with the settings for add-ins and security within word does not help either.

I use a Windows 10 laptop with Word 2016 and Endnote X9. Strangely, my old laptop uses the same setup of operating system and software, with no problems with CWYW at all. I would much appreciate suggestions on how to fix this frustrating problem.