Service Error: Generic

I encounter the above message using Word 2003 and Endnote 9 whenever I attempt to format a bibliography in Word, having used Cite While You Type. 

Has anyone encountered this message and does anyone know how to fix it?  



I have also encountered this error with Word 2008 and EndNote X1, but I have not been able to find a permanent solution. helped for a bit, but before long the user started getting the error again.

We’ve noticed that the “Libraries used” tab on the Format Bibliography config screen contains an empty text box, even when one or more libraries are open in EndNote.  This problem also happens no matter which style or Word document format we’re using.  However, the user’s other system has no such problem.

Any suggestions?

I can not open the abstract of references when I click on the titles with the notice “Service Error: Generic”. This problem was occuring infrequently in the past during End Note using. Now, it becomes a permanent obstacle. Is there any solution or suggestion?