Endnote 8 and word 2007


I’ve just installed office 2007 and i’m using endnote 8, i’ve managed to get the right add-ins etc in my word menu, but fail to get any reference inserted in my document, endnote tells me that the server has generated an exception…

any idea of how I could solve that?

thanks on advance!

I encountered that problem too.  If you open Endnote first on its own before opening Word, rather than opening Endnote through the link in Word, it fixes the problem.  Also, look through the troubleshooting section on the Endnotes website for version 8 with Word2007 for a few other patches that must be completed.

Hope that helps! 

I all of the sudden have the same problem:

“the server threw and exception”

Things were going just fine… now I cannot make it work. I have tried suggestions from the FAQ page (restore library, etc. I even updated endnote to most recent version AND reinstalled the program. Nothing is working).

Please help!

I am using EndNote 8 and Word 7. Recently updated with the 8.02 update and now some libraries do not open.

Especially the library associated with a 60 page review manuscript with 210 references that is being revised with reviewers comments and is a week past requested deadline.

When I try to open the relevant review I get a error message of “Service Error: generic.”  Some earlier libraries open, but this critical one, the most recent (april 09) will not. How does one begin to address : generic?

I suspect this may be related to the track changes bug that is present in EN8 and earlier:


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I was working in compatibility mode, saving as a 97-2003 version.

I accepted all changes, turned off track changes, and saved. Tried to open the library from word 2007 with the new version and got same “generic”.

I resaved as a .docx file and got same “generic”


Also tried recover library function. Error message was - The instruction at “ox5ad71531” referenced memory at “0x00000014”. Memory could not be “read”.

Try saving as a .doc file.  I believe Jason suggested that in another threadon an unrelated problem - but it might work here too?  I know that you might lose some word 2007 functionality though.

in edit (again), – nevermind, I see you already tried that. And this is a library corruption problem and not a word problem at all-- all I can say is contact (recommend by phone) tech support.

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Another thought:

You didn’t lose the .DATA folder for that library, did you?  (just looking won’t tell you, as it might try to recreate it, but it will be empty).  I can’t remember what EN8 would do if the .DATA folder wasn’t present.

what is the phone number for tech support?


@chemdock wrote:

what is the phone number for tech support?


see http://www.endnote.com/encontact.asp