Several citations in the body of a paper


I need help with an issue.  When entering multiple citations at the end of a sentence, EndNote X5.0.1 puts them in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name instead of by the year (oldest to newest).  I am using APA 6th edition and cannoat get the references in the proper numerical order.

Any ideas???


It sounds like the citation sort order is set to match the bibliography sort order (Author + Year + Title) which I thought was the correct format. But if you wish to change the citation sort order so they’re sorted by year first that’s an easy adjustment.

  1. To change the citation sort order go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit APA 6th,

  2. In the APA 6th dialog window locate the section labeled “Citations” then click to select “Sort Order”.  On the right side, click to select: Year + Author (or make a custom sort by clicking “Other” then defining the fields).

3.Close the APA 6th dialog window to save the modification. Note that this generates a new file named “APA 6th Copy” so adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use the new file instead of the original APA 6th file.