Sharing EN X2 and EN X3 mac computers

Will I be able to routinly (two way) share EN X2 library from an apple OS10.4 computer with EN X3 library from OS10.6 computer?  Problem is that the OS10.4 computer cannot be upgraded to EN X3.?

EndNote X3 for Macintosh is designed for use on OS 10.4.9 and OS 10.5.x. We are still testing full compatibility with 10.6.

Version X2 and X3 libraries are compatible.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

It seems too early to consider X3 and Snow, but will EN X3 really work on non-intel OS 10.4?

However, EN X2 (Mac) seems to suffer from  “bug 2010”, when importing from WOS, or other sources, references with year 2010 appear with a blank year. EN X3 seems OK.

See for 2010 bug fix for X2.