Endnote X3 error on IOS maverick

I used Endnote X3 on macbook. Recently I upgraded to IOS maverick and the Endnote X3 crashed.

Only the error message comes out. 

Is there any solution on this?


You will need to upgrade Endnote.  See the above thread for details and a coupon for the upgrade.  

I used endnote X7 trial version for a month but don’t feel any merit to upgrade from X3. I think the company is very irreponsible and arrogant.

Hello, neukim:

I’m sorry that you’re running into compatibility issues. Believe me, we did not plan for the older versions to be incompatible with 10.9 in this way.

The issue occurred because Apple chose to discontinue support in Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks for some code which we had very liberally used in our older versions of the products. When we released EndNote X3 nearly 5 years ago, it was compatible with all the available Mac operating systems at that time. We could not foresee that Apple would be making such a large change in a few years. It is not even possible to patch the older versions, since we would essentially have to redesign the software from the ground up in order to make it compatible. We wish we could, but it just is not possible.

Hopefully this clarifies the root of the issues. I definitely understand your disappointment and frustration, and I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

I just called to Korean Customer Service team. And they just told me that they don’t serve any service for X3 version.

I just want to ask what the company’s customer serivice policy is.

Hello, neukim:

Official policy is that we provide support for the 3 most recent versions, in this case that’s EndNote X7, X6, and X5. That policy is included amongst our FAQs here: http://endnote.com/kb/82124. There are some exceptions to this, however, in terms of compatibility – while we make every effort to keep our supported versions up-to-date, the older a version gets, the harder it can be to make it work with newer versions of OSes and word processors. Sometimes, like in the case of X5 and earlier with Mavericks, it’s just not feasible.

As a side note, official policy aside, here in tech support we really do our best to help customers regardless of their version. I know I’ve had cases where I’ve helped people with versions of EndNote that are over 12 years old. Of course we’re a bit more limited in the resources we have for those older versions, but if there’s any way we can help, we generally will.

What specifically was your question for the Korean support team?