Sharing EndNote References ...

Dear Forum,

I hesitate to suggest this as a new product suggestion because I recognise this takes EndNote Web possibly into the area of social bookmarking but here is a problem. One of the questions I get asked is how do we share EndNote databases with people who don’t work in our Institution? Well there are various options. Here are some that I have thought of.

  1. export to Word or Html and just post on the web in a public area or even a Google or Yahoo Group …

  2. Export to EndNote Web and then get everybody to register with EndNote Web - assuming they have access

  3. Export to a social bookmarking tool - from my research I find Connotea the most EndNote friendly although it won’t accept records without a DOI, ASIN or URL see [ ]

Well here is a fourth option - have a public view area for EndNote Web where one person can make available a list anyone can see on the web. Ok it may turn EndNote Web into a cut down social bookmarking tool as opposed to turning a social bookmarking tool into a cut down EndNote Web. Could this be got around by perhaps limiting the number of records in a public space to say 100?

Anyway I would be interested in anyone’s thoughts on this or indeed a solution I haven’t thought of.

Best Wishes

Matt Holland

The forth suggestion would be very wellcome, indeed!

I would like to see sharing referances like I share my playlists/songs in Spotify. Subscribing to others folders or the possibility to share a single reference with a provided link…