Short title in sentence vs. in citation

In MLA format, I need certain citations to include the short title and others not to include it. I have a lot of references by the same author, and so I use a lot of short titles. But since I sometimes need to specify the title of the work in the sentence, it is redundant to have it pop up again in the citation:

“…in his 1920 book Darkwater (Darkwater 107).”

Other times I do need the title to be in the citation because it is not in the sentence. Is there a way to solve this problem? Please help! Thanks everyone.

Hello, you can do that by simply not including the quotation in the sentence. However its not abig deal if the name pops up twice, once in the cquotation and another in the resource citation. There are so many styles of citation it gets confusing. I can redirect you to a source which can help you format yopur paper the correvt way: I hope this helps and does not cause you further trouble.