Missing quotation marks in 'short title' of journal articles, in-text citations.

Hi. I’ve found that EndNote has started cropping the closing quotation marks after the short title in my in-text citations for journal articles and the like. This doesn’t happen for all citations. For example, one citation with three works by the same author comes up thus: (Jarman "Final Unity; Jarman “Trace; Jarman “Pragmatic”). As you can see, only the last of the shortened titles has quotation marks (”) on either side. Any ideas?

Are the quotes in the record (shouldn’t be) or in the style template (where they should be).  Attach your style and we can have a look at it, with the output you are hoping to achieve. This is in footnotes, I assume?

The quotes are not in the record, but they are in the style template. Weirdly, I find that if I try to add a quotation mark as a suffix in the “edit citation” screen, it’s as though the program ‘remembers’ that there was supposed to be one there and so adds two. I’m using a manually modified version of the MLA template (attached), so there’s every possibility that that’s where the problem is, although it’s only started happening very recently (could still be my fault).

Thanks for your help.

MLA.ens (67.8 KB)

Oh, and this isn’t in footnotes-- the problem doesn’t occur in footnotes at all. It’s only in the MLA-style in-text citations, i.e. (Author “Short Title” pg.)

So I made up some refs, and used your style, and had no trouble formatting the following into the appropriately “short title”.  I tried it with and without inserted punctuation.  I don’t know what is different between our libraries or versions?  I am using X4 and word2003. 

{Smith, 2006 #77;Smith, 2008 #88;Smith, 2008 #89} which is formated to

(Smith “3rd short title”; Smith “2nd short title”; Smith “1st short title”)

Smith, A. “Full title1.” Nature 10.2 (2008): 186-93.

Smith, A. “Full title2.” J Chem 211 (2006): 3-8.

Smith, A. “Full title3.” J Biol 20.6 (2008): 632-7.

I appreciate your having a go. As I said, it’s only some references that do it. Of two references by the same author, one can come out fine and the other will be wrong. There’s nothing in the reference information for the problematic refrences that sets them apart, as far as I can tell, but the ones that format wrongly do it every time they’re cited. I’m going to try deleting them from my library and re-entering them from scratch (ho hum). I just don’t know what else to do about it.