Short Title + Quotation + Punctuation?

Using a modified version of the style Chicago 16 Footnote I am having a problem with punctuation options.

using this:

Author, “Short Title,”| p.^pp. Cited Pages

I can get this:

Pace Bahti, “Auerbach’s Mimesis,” p. 15

But then I get this (when I don’t include a page ref.)

Pace Bahti, “Auerbach’s Mimesis,”; White, “Auerbach’s Literary History,”; Hovind, “Figural Interpretation as Modernist Hermeneutics,”

I I change to this:

Author, “Short Title”| , p.^pp. Cited Pages

I’ll get the opposite result

Author, “Title”, p. NNN

Looks like its one or the other. Is there a way out? thx

Okay I assume you want this

Pace Bahti, “Auerbach’s Mimesis,” p. 15 

and never 

Pace Bahti, “Auerbach’s Mimesis”, p. 15

but this

Pace Bahti, “Auerbach’s Mimesis

So the only way is completly automate it is to  have the output this

Author|,*“Title|,”*p^pp Cited Pages|  (* is used in place of the the “link adjacent” symbol)

and to manually insert the close parentheses quotes in the suffix field where there are no cited pages.  (or type it at the end, if the final cite in the footnote outside the “grey field”.)  

The unformated citations will appear like this {Abe, 1983 #124"} or {Abe, 1983 #124@4-5} if you turn CWYW off while you are writing.  I prefer adding the info to the unformated citation, which I find easier than all the right click, choose, choose, type steps.  

If you can live with 

Pace Bahti, “Auerbach’s Mimesis”, p. 15  then 

Author|,*“Short Title”|,*p^pp Cited Pages| works – as I think you already determined.  

Do you mean “close quotes” for “close parenthesis”?

So the output is either with “,” (my way now) or "Title [with no close quotes or punctuation]. If that’s what you mean, I don’t think there’s a gain, and no automation; just another thing to have to fill in manually. (I’m better off doing a global replacement at the end using my way: but maybe I misunderstood your suggestion, for which thanks)

That works too.  Corrected my post to reflect close “quotes”.  thanks