Showing Author Name at the Beginning of the sentence using ACS format

Hello Everyone. 

I am using ACS format, so the citations are added as numbers 1,2,3,… etc in my word document. However, I am trying to add the citation at the beginning of the sentence, and I do that using “Insert & display as Author (Year)”, and I am only getting the citation number! If I switch to a different format (ex. APA) it works, and I can see the author’s name at the beginning of the sentence. 


12shows that…

should be

Peters et al, (2018) show that …


12 Peters…

Any idea how to fix this problem with ACS format?

Thank you.

Mine shows the alternate should be Author^superscripted bibliography Number and it would have to have a number, or no way to line it up with the bibliography and it is how my ACS is set up.