ACS style not populating as it should be

I am trying to use ACS citation style as recommended by Journal I am submitting to. In the bibliography the last name shows as initials and not full last name although on my endnote library it shows correct full name. attached 3 screenshots; 1 from my endnote online library showing the full last name of authors as imported from the research databases I use, screenshots 2 & 3 from my Microsoft document showing that I chose ACS format and the references in the bibliography showing only authors initials unlike what it is supposed to be for ACS format. I am using endnote 20.6, can you please advise urgently ?

Thank you
Moamen Sheba

Were your entries entered by hand or imported from a database?

How are the authors entered into the library record. – are they one per line, or all on one line.

Also, how are they entered, First initials then last or last comma then first initials.

Finally, are the initials separated by a space?

This is how the author list should look in your record. It looks like your record is being interpreted as the Initials are the surname and the surname is being shortened to initials.

If you look carefully, are yours entered more like this with a comma after the first initial? Did you import from a database? When I searched for this first publication, I exported it as a RIS from Science Direct site, and it was imported as I show in the screen shot above. I could only replicate your output, if I reversed the author initials and put a comma after the initials.

R., Borg-Bartolo
A., Roccuzzo