SIAP: Adding citation for in sentence reference

SIAP – I am sure it’s on this massive board somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it.

How do I include a reference that I use in sentence in the actual citations list: 

Smith et al (2005) found that the sky is blue.  

I do not want to include it as a reference at the end fo the senetence, but need to put it in the citation list.


Just edit the citation but the method depends on what version of EndNote you’re using. If using X5 or later, place your cursor on the citation, right-click to bring up a submenu which includes an option for displaying the Author (Year) format.

If using EndNote X4 or earlier, place your curson on the citation, right-click to display a submenu, click to select “Exclude Author” which will then display (2005). Then just manually type in “Smith et al” in front of (2005).

Thanks very much CrazyGecko!!