simplify and disambiguate the annotation context menu

when you right click an annotation, the context menu includes the larger attachment context menu.

When right clicking anannotation (highlighted regions or comment icons), there really should only be a context menu for the annotation, which seems to only be “delete annotation” at this point. Currently, this appears at the bottom of a long list, meaning that after right-clicking the annotation, you then have to move the mouse away from your target area to actually remove the annotation.

Worse yet, the attachment context menu includes the command “remove”

Remove will remove the entire attachment. When a person right clicks an annotation and starts reading down the list, the first relevant option they see is “remove” and it would be natural to select this, thinking it will remove the annotation. Instead they will lose the entire attachment, destroying their work, and requiring them to find another copy of the attachment (not necesarily a small feat, since they can not sift through endnote’s directory structure to retrieve their marked up copy before the database cleans it, human readable directories may fix this!)

A simple first step would be to move the “delete annotation” command to the top of the list, as this is the only location sensitive command, it should be right next to the mouse cursor, speeding productivity. This would also make it more readily noticed before the more critical “remove” command were ever considered.

However, ideally, annotations would have their own right click context menu AND “remove” would be renamed to “remove attachment” or “delete attachment”