Single reference omitting Author

I’ve got a problem thats running me in circles, I’m using X8.1 and word. I have a large document that has over a thousand references, and multiple thousand citations. One reference is “(Threatened Species Scientific Committee, 2016)”, the Reference type = Government Document, style is APA 6th. This reference had a spelling mistake in the title, so I fixed it. Now all citations of that reference in the document are automatically are formatted as “Exclude Author”… adding a new citation shows it correctly, in default (Author, Year)… but all the citations that were already in the document are excluding the author. I can manually change them back to default, but short of doing them all manually, is there another solution?

I have tried unformatting and reformatting, I have checked that the templates in the style preferences include the author, I have tried changing the Reference Type. 



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If you never exclude the author, the easiest way is to edit your preferences to not exclude the author or year if omitted from the citation.  You can turn it back on for your next paper.  see attached image.